We get asked a lot about our food, process, ordering and pick-up so we have answered some of our commonly asked questions.

How does STOK work?

Easy, you have two options.
Simply call or place your order online and allow 2 business days before pick up. We will notify you if your order is ready sooner.
Stop in and shop our Edmond convenient To Go freezers. We don’t keep everything listed on our website in our To Go freezers, but you will find a large selection of customer favorites, side dishes and usually some desserts as well.

How many servings come from a meal?

We offer 3 sizes to better suit your needs. Small entrees serve 2, medium entrees serve 4-5, and our large entrees serve 6-7. In addition, we have about a dozen entrees that we make in single serving microwavable containers. *these are not available to order, but can be purchased from our To Go freezers.

Do you have side dishes?

Yes, we have several homemade side dishes to compliment each entree. They are packaged in 5x7 foil pans and serve 3-4 people.

Ready Made Frozen Lasagna To Go Meal Prep SupperThymeOK Edmond

How do I prepare my meal?

Crock pot meals come frozen in gallon sized baggies, the contents can be placed in your crock pot while still frozen, as long as they will fit. This depends on both the size of your crock pot and the shape of the meal once frozen. We tend to freeze them flat to allow you more space to store them in your freezer. If they are too large you have two options. One, thaw in your fridge overnight or run under cool water for 5-10 to thaw enough to break or bend slightly enough just to fit in your crock pot.
Our oven ready meals come packaged in foil pans and are also frozen. Ideally you will want to thaw these for 24-48 hours in your fridge before following the baking instructions. Some of our pasta dishes can be cooked from a partially frozen state, simply stir part way through and cook a bit longer to ensure that the meal is heated through. All of our pasta dishes are fully cooked, you're just heating them in your oven.

What’s the difference between your entrees and the fresh to go entrees?

Fresh To Go entrees are made each week day, we typically make 1 or 2 entrees and on occasion we’ll make a side dish as well. These entrees are prepared each morning and are kept fresh for the day, ready to pop in the oven without the need to thaw. We recommend most be cooked within 72 hours of purchase; some a bit sooner.

We often have fresh salads in our fresh to go fridge as well. To reserve a Fresh To Go entree, call us or send an email before 1pm. All other meals are prepared in our kitchen and immediately frozen. You purchase them frozen and keep them in your freezer until you are ready to thaw and bake them.
*When placing an order if you would like one or more of your meals to remain fresh, simply let us know. Then the day that you pick up you will have meals for your freezer and a meal to eat that night.

What is a bundle?

Crock pot meals are all the rage, perfect during the heat of the summer, on a cold winter night or when you have a busy day and just want dinner to be ready when you walk in the door!

We have amazing crock pot meals and when you bundle, 3, 6 or 10, you save 15-20%. Each meal serves 4-5 people and everything is included, most all have a protein (beef roast, chicken breast, pork roast, pork chops, etc), spices, sauces, some have veggies, some include a rice, pasta, or tortillas. Our monthly menu has 10 options and we have 5 crock pot classics that are available all of the time and can be mixed and matched with the monthly menu when ordering a bundle.

Please contact us if you have any other questions. We are open Monday - Friday 10am-6pm and on Saturday from 10am-2pm. You can always give us a call or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.